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Hướng dẫn Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 9: Reading (Phần 1) – Học Hay

Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

  1. The review board published a list of companies ——- considers to be the most charitable.

(A) it

(B) its

(C) itself

(D) its own

  1. Anyone who was unable to ——- yesterday’s budget meeting may contact Mr. Kwon for his notes.

(A) recognize

(B) achieve

(C) attend

(D) inform

  1. The evening’s dance —— was made possible with support from Taglet’s Emporium.

(A) presented

(B) presents

(C) presenting

(D) presentation

  1. All ——- candidates for the marketing position should submit a cover letter and resume.

(A) increasing

(B) qualified

(C) beneficial

(D) modified

  1. Because experts ——- a strong allergy season, Chowlan Pharmacy has increased its stock of preventative medicine.

(A) predict

(B) prediction

(C) are predicted

(D) predictably

  1. The mayor applauded the Wilton Clinic —— its leadership in promoting the city’s public health programs.

(A) at

(B) for

(C) of

(D) to

  1. Liao Uniform Services has been a leading ——— of medical apparel for more than 30 years.

(A) supplies

(B) supplying

(C) supplier

(D) supplied

  1. Please adjust the budget to include the———— of a fountain in the garden.

(A) schedule

(B) determination

(C) result

(D) installation

  1. The speed limit on all ——- streets in Benton has been changed to 40 kilometers per hour.

(A) Residential

(B) Residing

(C) Residences

(D) Residentially

  1. ——- visitors generally prefer to set their own pace, the aquarium now offers user-friendly audio tours.

(A) Except

(B) Since

(C) How

(D) That

  1. The salmon dish at Salia’s Café ——– with a brown sugar, mustard, and pepper glaze.

(A) To serve

(B) Will serve

(C) Is served

(D) Was serving

  1. Due to the uneven terrain of the Chilman Trail, proper hiking footwear is ——- recommended.

(A) Closely

(B) Highly

(C) Nearly

(D) Roughly

  1. Visitors may tour the new printing plant facilities ——- the hours of 4 P.M. and 6 p.m.

(A) Always

(B) Between

(C) In

(D) Only

  1. Given the current economic climate, Playablanca Financial is ——- to make new acquisitions.

(A) Hesitant

(B) Delinquent

(C) Worthy

(D) Empty

  1. Mr. Fitzpatrick memorized his lines ——- weeks before the filming of the movie began.

(A) Perfectly

(B) Perfected

(C) Perfect

(D) Perfecting

  1. Ms. Amari has scanned the grant applications, and they will be submitted ——- the deadline.

(A) along

(B) over

(C) during

(D) before

  1. Good design and quality material are ——- important to Krasner Laboratory’s product development team.

(A) Gradually

(B) Enough

(C) Equally

(D) Well

  1. We make our ——- of pet treats with only the best ingredients.

(A) Usage

(B) line

(C) Result

(D) Addition

  1. Dr. Wu provides patients with exceptional dental care at an ——- price.

(A) Affords

(B) Affordable

(C) Affordably

(D) Affordability

  1. ——— two additional designers are hired, current staffers will not need to work overtime to complete projects on time.

(A) Whether

(B) Already

(C) Instead

(D) If

  1. All safety policies will he ——- reviewed by the Human Resources Department before publication.

(A) extensively

(B) extensive

(C) extension

(D) extending

  1. Some roadside farmers markets in Dublin run year-round, while others ——- only in the summer and fall.

(A) grow

(B) operate

(C) raise

(D) promise

  1. We do not have enough fabric samples, so please promptly return ——- ones you borrowed.

(A) what

(B) whomever

(C) whichever

(D) whose

  1. ——- it does not rain tomorrow, tents will be set up for any scheduled outdoor events.

(A) Though

(B) Even if

(C) Almost

(D) Besides that

  1. The network is expected to be unavailable for ——- two hours.

(A) no more than

(B) hardly any

(C) as far as

(D) that many

  1. Consumer advocates advise against blindly accepting ——- opinions about a product.

(A) total

(B) biased

(C) profitable

(D) competitive

  1. ——— of tasks makes a supervisor’s job easier and helps team members learn new skills.

(A) Promotion

(B) Commission

(C) Provision

(D) Delegation

  1. Scientists at Lipkin Pharmaceuticals described findings similar to those reported——–.

(A) elsewhere

(B) beyond

(C) furthermore

(D) wherever

  1. All four walls of the greenhouse ——- of fully tempered glass.

(A) construct

(B) constructing

(C) have constructed

(D) will be constructed

  1. The increase in tourism in Mariondale can be ——- to the various attractions the city has added in recent years.

(A) deducted

(B) confirmed

(C) attributed

(D) amplified

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